The 1st edition of Character creation with Blender and GIMP finishes

Hi everyone!

Last Tuesday we have finished the Character Creation Course in Blender and we are very proud of our attendants! Along the course they have learned different strategies to model human body topology, unwrap the geometry, add bones and armature with useful constraints, skin the mesh to bones, add some mechanical components out from the mesh and rig them to the same armature with nice results, create and comb hair, light the model, add three-layered SSS materials to skin, combine results from Blender Render and Cycles and, at last, composite them using both Blender and GIMP. We have learned a lot with them too. Now, they have acquired the basic knowledge to achieve professional results in a big bunch of areas.

We have broadcasted a survey among the students because we want learn and grow with their support and advices.

We hope that the comment section of this post will be used by the attendees to show their progress along the formation and even further. In this way, we can guide them through this amazing learning experience, even after the formation has finished.

Thank you so much for your efforts and keep on working as hard as you can in the wonderful world of 3D and VFX. We only can show you some tricks but the path to be a great 3D designer is made by your patience in failures and humility in victories. And remember there is always something new to learn.

See you in next courses 😉