The 2nd Introduction Course in 3D Design with Blender finishes

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday we have finished this formation and we are really happy (one more edition :-D) with our attendants. This second edition we have polished a bit the contents, trying to point it to the suggestions of the previous promotion, in the quest for smooth every edge trying to find the best way to explain as much content as possible.

As in the last edition, we have broadcasted a survey among the students in order to improve future training and formation actions by Rapture Games with their support and advices.

We also encourage them to comment this post including renders to show the results they have achieved along this course and beyond. In this way, we will guide them through this amazing learning experience, even after formation has finished.

Thank you so much for your efforts and keep on working as hard as you can in this wonderful 3D world. At last, we only can show you some tricks, the path to be a great 3D designer is made by your patience in failures and humility in victories. There is always something new to learn.

See you in next courses 😉